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Chinese People Feel Proud of the Products Made in China

Aug 17, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

One: Shenzhou XI Spacecraft Docking with Tiangong II Surprises Many Countries.

Recently, Chinese Shenzhou XI spacecraft spends 575 seconds to dock withTiangong II, which shows us a splendid space travel.

Chinese people feel proud of the products made in China

The 575 seconds attracted eyes from all over the world, including America, England, India and many other countries, which we can exactly call it “Chinese Time”.

After two days, Shenzhou XI spacecraft will dock with Tiangong II, declaring that the era of Chinese space station is going to open.

Remember once a time, china’s aerospace has been discriminated. 16 countries joined The International Space Station excluding China, who had spared no efforts to apply for the joining for 20 years but rejected.

But in the twinkling of an eye, an upside down, the sea current, China fight back on stage. We not only have our own space station, but also will become the only country with a space station in the world in 2020.

Therefore, these countries that used to discriminate China now require cooperation with him. Just, as the words spread on the network, “if you disregarded to me yesterday, I would let you down for your possessing today.

Two: What Scares Japanese Most Really Happens, and China Shows no Mercy this Time.

Many people think Japanese electronics industry is a model of high-tech innovation and spirit.

However, when the 117 – year – old Japanese communications and computer “giant” NEC, was purchased 90% stake by Lenovo for the price of 1.3 billion Yuan in this year, we have to use it as a phenomenon to re-examine, looking at the Japanese once proud, now what is left.

As is known to all, Japan is a country with scarce resources and relying on the international market what he feels afraid most is the market lost, but just in ten years, China’s rise in the industry has been squeezed out of Japan breathless.

Ten years ago, some people said that Japan’s Toshiba computers with high pretend bility, China doesn’t even have a computer brand. But now Toshiba likes a hare on the market, Lenovo has become the leader of the PC terminal, and has acquired the United States IBM. Japanese PC industry goes declining.


Electric appliances computers, mobile phones and other industries have been slowly out of Japanese business, which forces Japan to a market corner.

Japanese said that the only remaining is camera, but now we still have to say that China can not even make a SLR camera, if there would be another ten years, Japan might be nothing left on the market.

Three: Turning Waste Into Treasure: Animal Waste, Kitchen Waste, Industrial Waste can be Used to Generate Electricity to Make Money.

Biogas fermentation, also known as anaerobic fermentation or anaerobic digestion, refers to the organic substances (such as straw, weeds, human and animal feces, garbage and sludge of city sewage and industrial organic wastewater etc.) under anaerobic conditions by different kinds, great quantity and function of different microbial metabolism, resulting in the process of biogas production.


Biogas Generator set Technology is a new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy and environmental protection. It is the use of a large amount of organic waste, agricultural or industrial towns in life (e.g. lees liquid, livestock manure, city garbage and sewage etc.). Biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation, is used to drive the biogas generating set to generate electricity, and the waste heat of the generator set can be used for biogas production.


The thermal efficiency of biogas cogeneration project is different from that of power generation equipment, such as the use of gas engine, its thermal efficiency is between 70% ~ 75%; and such as the use of gas turbine and boiler, in afterburning condition, and the thermal efficiency can reach above 90%.

Chinese people feel proud of the products made in China-1

Kingpower biogas power generation technology itself provides clean energy, which not only solves the environmental problems of biogas project, consumes a large amount of waste, protects the environment, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also makes waste profitable and produces a lot of Heat and electricity. It meets the environmental protection concept of energy recycling, and brings great economic benefits.

Four: The Cost of one Product Reduces from ¥5000 to ¥3: China Wins.

Tires, bullet proof equipment, lubricants and other things, all need graphene.

At the past, graphene is a high-end material, which costs 5000 yuan a gram on the international market. In 2013, Annual production capacity of 3 million tons of production lines have been built in Ning Bo, leading to the cost price of graphene dropped to $3 a gram.

A key component of the switch in communication industry has been sold at the price of 200 thousand Yuan 15 years ago. But when Chinese enterprises started making production 10 years ago, its price declined in five years to 10 thousand Yuan.

Chinese people feel proud of the products made in China-2

In 2004, a computer with 15 inches panel will be cost $260 on the market. As the Chinese government has invested 100 billion in the LCD panel industry to promote independent development, and now the price of 50 inches panel costs $180, 15 inches is only $60.

In 2010, Development and Reform Commission approved the construction of 50 subway lines in the 35 cities, which cost 600 billion in foreigner countries over that time. After localization we need only 400 billion, which can create at least more than 400 thousand jobs.

Five: Suwin New Energy— Super-Efficient new Energy Power Supply System

Suwin wind-solar hybrid system can be applied to the integration of road lighting, landscape lighting, lighting monitoring integration, island power supply, communication base station power supply, forest fire monitoring of oil and gas pipeline, remote areas electricity supply, disaster emergency lighting power supply, new energy charging station, etc. This system is particularly applicable in the area of island, mountain and desert where is unable to use power supply.

Chinese people feel proud of the products made in China-3

Wind Solar Power System is an off-grid independent power supply system. Unique breeze starting and control technology make this system can be applied to almost every corner of the world, especially in the island and the desert due to these places are abundant with wind and solar resources. Therefore, it can be widely used in landscape lighting, street lighting, home power supply, island power supply, communication base station and so on. The popularization and application of this system has great practical significance and long-term strategic significance.

Chinese people feel proud of the products made in China-4

The wind speed of Suwin products has a wide range: 2m/s to 35.9m/s (Horizontal axis range: 5m/s to 22m/s), which can have a starting wind speed at 1m/s, cutting wind speed at 1.9m/s, rated wind speed 10m/s, rated speed less than 150rev/min, belonging to super low speed start and cut. The Vertical axis wind turbine developed by Suwin Company independently has reached an alarming 20% rate on Wind energy utilization, far ahead of other wind power generators.

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