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Company Introduction: Cummins Fuel System(Wuhan) Co., Ltd

Mar 14, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Cummins Fuel Systems Business Unit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cummins, with more than 80 years of experience in development and production. So far, it has established operations in Indiana, USA, Juarez, Mexico, Wuhan, China, Seidetrie, Sweden and Partan, India. Five global production bases have been established. Cummins Fuel Systems can design, develop and manufacture electronically controlled pump nozzle fuel systems, electronically controlled common rail fuel systems and electronic control modules for diesel engines with a displacement range of 6 liters to 78 liters, so that the engine can meet environmental emissions while having higher performance. reliability, durability, power and fuel economy.

The Cummins fuel system is mainly supplied to the Cummins engine business department, and the main external supporting customers include Scania of Sweden and Komatsu of Japan.

Development Path

1920s-1930s: Cummins fuel pump goes into production
1940s: Cummins PT (Pressure-Time) injector developed
1950s – 1980s: PT fuel systems used throughout the Cummins product line
Cummins’ First Electronically Controlled Fuel System – CELECT Commences Production
Developed High Pressure Injection System (HPI)
Established a global strategic partnership with Scania, Sweden
Cummins CAPS fuel system goes into production
Since 2000:
Cummins Common Rail Fuel System (CCR) started production
Ultra-high pressure injection system (XPI) developed in cooperation with Scania, Sweden

Cummins high fuel injection system
Product line

The CELECT fuel system is Cummins’ first electronically controlled unit fuel injection system. It was introduced in 1990 and is now mainly used in Cummins 11-liter M-series and 14-liter N-series engine platforms. The CELECT system is cam actuated to provide higher injection pressures.
The High Pressure Injection (HPI) system is an electronically controlled unit fuel injection system for heavy duty diesel engines (9-15 liters), currently mainly used in Cummins 15 liter and Scania 12 liter diesel engines.
The High Horsepower High Pressure Injection (HHP HPI) system, similar to the Heavy Duty High Pressure Injection (HPI) system, is also an electronically controlled unit fuel injection system for diesel engines with displacement ranging from 6 cylinders/19 liters to 18 cylinders/78 liters.
The Cummins Common Rail Fuel Pump (CCR) is mainly used in small and medium diesel engines (below 9 liters) to replace the previous pump nozzle fuel system (PLN), which can realize high pressure direct injection on small engines. Compared with other products of the same type, the CCR system can control the fuel injection volume more precisely, thereby reducing engine emissions and fuel consumption, and improving fuel economy. Currently, the main supporting models are Cummins 8.9-liter L-series and 8.3-liter C-series diesel engines.
The ultra-high pressure injection (XPI) system is the latest product of Cummins fuel system, developed and manufactured by Cummins and Scania of Sweden. Compared with other common rail fuel systems, XPI can provide higher injection pressure and is currently mainly used for Cummins medium-duty and Scania heavy-duty engines.
Based on the XPI platform technology and combined with the needs of the Chinese local market, Cummins fuel system has designed and developed a complete set of electronically controlled fuel systems for Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. competencies required by regulations.

Localized Production in China
Cummins fuel system factory

The Cummins Fuel System Wuhan plant is the first overseas fuel system production base established by Cummins outside North America after Indiana and Juarez, Mexico. It is a key measure for Cummins to further strengthen its localized production capacity in China.Cummins Fuel System (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a total investment of 66 million US dollars. It adopts advanced manufacturing technology, R&D facilities and technological processes; it introduces a complete assembly line of high-quality common rail fuel system to produce diesel electronically controlled common rail fuel. System (including fuel pump, injector and common rail), CELECT electronically controlled fuel nozzle and fuel pump and related parts. Provide Cummins partners and the Chinese market with full value chain services including production, assembly, testing and technical support for fuel and electronic control systems. The Wuhan plant has an annual production capacity of 160,000 electronically controlled common rail fuel systems, 40,000 electronically controlled pump nozzle fuel systems, and machining of precision XPI injectors.

At present, the products of Cummins Fuel System (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in China are mainly Dongfeng Cummins QSC8.3, ISL8.9, ISL9.5, ISZ13; Xi’an Cummins ISM11 fully electronically controlled diesel engine; Beijing Foton Cummins X11, X12, X13 electronically controlled Diesel engine; Guangxi Cummins QSL9.3 electronically controlled diesel engine and Chongqing Cummins M11, QSK19, QSK38, N, K19, K38, K50 and other high-horsepower diesel engines are matched. In addition, they will be exported to international markets such as Asia, Latin America and Europe.

happy birthday

In 2008

The first phase of the plant was officially put into production, and the pump nozzle fuel system (CELECT) began mass production.

In 2012

The electronic control system was localized and began to provide engine, aftertreatment control modules and engineering technical support to Cummins partners.

In 2017

The after-sales service network system was established, and a variety of low-cost maintenance solutions were developed and released. By the end of 2017, it has reached business cooperation with 45 service dealers nationwide, and established maintenance service capabilities, focusing on meeting the diversified needs of end users.

In 2010

The expansion of the second-phase factory was completed, and the production capacity of the factory was doubled.

In 2013

The factory introduced an ultra-high pressure common rail fuel system production line. The XPI series products produced can achieve a maximum fuel injection pressure of 2000Bar. They are matched with Cummins medium and heavy-duty engines, which can help improve starting performance, achieve more precise fuel quantity control, and improve fuel consumption. effectiveness.

In 2018

To celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, the 2 millionth fuel injector and 800,000 engine control modules rolled off the production line.

In 2011

The Kunpeng series of fuel system products officially rolled off the production line. This series of products can achieve a maximum fuel injection pressure of 1800Bar.

In 2015

The development of Kiran common rail system was completed, and the products of this series were exported to India.

In 2019

the Cummins Electronics and Fuel System Wuhan Technology Center was officially established. The completion of the center will provide a strong guarantee for the whole process of Cummins fuel and control systems from R&D to manufacturing, and can better support the development of local business and serve local customers.

Cummins fuel system factory in wuhan

Cummins Fuel System (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 10 million US dollars and was officially put into production on April 8, 2008. The main products include diesel engine common rail fuel pump (CCR), CELECT fuel nozzle, fuel pump and related parts. Cummins Fuel System Wuhan Plant is the first overseas fuel system production base established by Cummins outside North America after Indiana, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. It is a key for Cummins to further strengthen localized production capacity in China action. The first phase of the Wuhan plant has an annual production capacity of 70,000 fuel pumps and 150,000 fuel nozzles; the second phase has an annual production capacity of 150,000 fuel pumps and 300,000 fuel nozzles. At present, the products of the Wuhan Fuel System Plant are mainly used for Dongfeng Cummins ISL 8.9 liters, ISZ13 liters and Xi’an Cummins ISM 11 liters fully electronically controlled diesel engines in China, and will also be exported to international markets such as Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Cardinal ultra-high pressure common rail fuel system is one of the six major products of Cummins Electronics and Fuel. It is a new product developed by Cummins fuel system specially for the Chinese market. The system includes fuel injection pump, fuel rail and fuel injector assembly. The maximum injection pressure of 2000Bar can be achieved during operation, which is suitable for 10-14 liter diesel engines, and fully meets the emission requirements of China V and VI. The high-quality Cardinal fuel system has a better cost-effectiveness advantage compared to other common rail fuel systems. At present, it is mainly used for Foton Cummins medium/high-horsepower engines, and the target market of the products is the high-end market in China and Europe and the United States.

In 2007, Cummins established Cummins Fuel System (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. with a total investment of US$66 million. This is the first time Cummins has set up a fuel system production base outside North America. In 2012, the electronic business department was established. In 2017, the electronic business and the fuel business were merged to form the electronic and fuel system business. Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems China actively introduces global advanced technologies and strives to promote localized R&D and manufacturing of electronics and fuel products. Technology first, leading change, Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems always insists on providing customers with the most advanced products and the best service. In 2017, Cummins’ electronic fuel business achieved a record high with sales of nearly 240 million US dollars.

Not only to provide customers with reliable and advanced products, Cummins electronic fuel system also continuously improves the after-market channel service network, enhances the after-market service capabilities, and develops low-cost maintenance programs to better meet the end users’ needs for products and services. As of the end of 2017, it has established business cooperation with 45 service dealers nationwide, established its maintenance service capabilities, and met the diversified service needs of end users.
The electronic control unit ECM is the brain of the engine, and its intelligent upgrade helps Cummins to continuously meet the most stringent emission and fuel consumption regulations in the world. The controllers and sensors of the electronic control unit are developed based on the global engineering platform. All products have undergone strict evaluation, verification and matching. Whether in the road or off-road market, they have accumulated rich product experience and good product experience in the domestic and foreign markets. Electronic Architecture. All these support CEFS to quickly identify market demands, improve and optimize controllers and sensors for the complex domestic application environment, complete a large number of development verifications, and finally put reliable and stable products into the market.


“Ten years of hard work, create a better future”. The tenth anniversary of Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems business in China is inseparable from the understanding and promotion of customers, the support of dealers, the affirmation of end users and the dedication of employees. Taking the opportunity of the 10th anniversary celebration, Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems presented certificates to outstanding dealers, end users and 10th anniversary employee representatives.
Cummins electronics and fuel system products and technologies are one of the core competitiveness of Cummins engines, which are widely used in medium and heavy-duty engines produced by Cummins in China, including Foton Cummins 10-13 liter diesel engine, Dongfeng Cummins 8.3-13 liter diesel engine, Chongqing Cummins engine 14-50-liter high-horsepower engine platform, Xi’an Cummins 11-liter M series engine platform, etc., and exported to international high-end markets such as Asia, Latin America and Europe. Fuel system products are widely used in road machinery, such as tractors, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, special vehicles, public transport vehicles and coaches, as well as various non-road construction machinery, such as loaders, excavators, mining machinery, sanitation vehicles and Generator sets, marine generator sets, etc. Electronic products can provide customers with integrated electronic hardware, tools, basic software, software development processes, platforms and services. Products are widely used in Cummins engines, after-emission treatment, fuel systems, powertrains and generator sets.

In the future, Cummins electronic fuel system will adhere to the supply of traditional fuel systems, and will comply with the development trend of diversified automotive power, deploy new electronic fuel system technologies, meet customers’ diverse needs for power, and become a leading supplier of diversified powertrains in the future. business.

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