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Company Introduction: DCEC-Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company

Feb 24, 2021 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

“Every one of us is a craftsman as long as we have a desire to do a good job purely for the sake of getting things done,” says Richard Sannett, a famous American sociologist in his new book, The Craftsman. “Craftsmen” represent the temperament of an era. They have a spirit, that is, integrating the concept of adherence into products.

Driverless Technology

The vast mine is an “ideal world” for unmanned vehicles to gallop across.
Here, unmanned mining trucks drive at a specific speed and according to a specific route, from one point to another, loading, unloading, shuttle freely, invincible, and easily replace manpower. However, even if the route is determined, there are often “uninvited guests” on the road, such as other equipment, light vehicles, pedestrians, sundries and so on. Ability to detect obstacles in the surrounding environment
And being able to respond in time is critical to the safety and productivity of autonomous transportation systems.
The problem is hereNo driver for mine truck,How to “see” and “hear” is about to happen?
If from the technical level to answer this question is very complex, involve the details and algorithm, in short, thanks to the perceptual system of unmanned mining card laser radar (LiDAR).


Lidar (LiDAR) Sensing System

LiDAR is a kind of based on laser imaging system, is the Cat Command autonomous core part of the transportation system. It fired at a speed of 1 million times per second, 64 grade 1 laser beam, to create a specific point cloud, shows the location of the laser in solid objects.The device of the cylinder rotate at a speed of 600 r/min, widely covered driving route of unmanned mining card in a timely manner to ensure that the truck, do not find obstacles and make appropriate reaction conditions, anything will not enter the area. Cars by slow down, stop, horns, or other necessary way to avoid dangerous situations.LiDAR was originally a commercial product, after a caterpillar “grinding”, make its can be used in 7 x24 hours of operation, environment harsh mining field.

LiDAR Have Much Good?

Significantly improving efficiency, the core strength of the Cat Command autonomous haulage system* is one of the best perception systems available, allowing driverless trucks to more efficiently haul safely while meeting the overarching goal. Avoid safety risks caused by human fatigue and distraction. Unmanned mining trucks can work in more dangerous areas. When the car encounters an obstacle, it automatically slows down, stops, and honks to avoid dangerous situations. So far, the Caterpillar driverless truck fleet has more than 5 billion tons of ore material autonomous transportation capacity without any damage. At the same time, the unmanned truck transportation system equipped with the cat command independent of transportation has more than 145 million kilometers.


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