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Company Introduction: XCEC-Xi’an Cummins Engine Company

Feb 24, 2021 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

About Us

Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xi’an Cummins), located in Xi’an, an ancient cultural capital with a long history, is the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer – American Cummins and China’s heavy truck leader – Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group in a 50:50 joint venture The established engine production enterprise was officially put into production in August 2007.



Xi’an Cummins fully cooperates with the cutting-edge core strength of two world-class manufacturers in China and the United States, mainly produces and sells ISM11/M12/M15 series engines and non-road QSM11 products that meet the emission requirements of China V (Euro V) and China VI (Euro VI) At the same time, as the unified interface of cooperation between Cummins and Shaanxi Automobile Group, Xi’an Cummins is responsible for the matching and sales of 2.5-15 liter diesel/natural gas engines of all Cummins products in Shaanxi Automobile Group, meeting the needs of global users in different market segments and different application industries. usage requirements. In the future, with the enrichment of Cummins product line, it may still cover new energy products, power chain products, etc.

Over the years, Xi’an Cummins has been adhering to the ingenuity concept of keeping improving and taking customers first as the criterion, and has successively entered the field of light/medium/heavy trucks (tractors, dump trucks, trucks, special vehicles, etc.), medium and high-grade passenger vehicles, and construction machinery. , the field of generator sets, etc., the products are sold at home and abroad. At the same time, Xi’an Cummins has established a fast and effective customer support system. The excellent quality of its products has been widely recognized and praised by customers in various market segments around the world. It is one of the main supporting models for world-renowned heavy trucks such as IWC, Kenworth and Volvo. At the same time in the Chinese market for Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle, Jianghuai, Valin, King Long, Yutong, Zhongtong, Ankai, Sany, Xugong, Liugong, Shandong Lingong, Tongli Heavy Industry, Tongyun Heavy Industry, etc. Leading commercial vehicle and construction machinery manufacturers provide world-class power excellence.

As a global model factory of Cummins, Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. adopts the R&D and manufacturing technology and quality management system that is synchronized with Cummins in the United States, and has obtained ISO9001 and IATF16949 international quality management standard certification. With the corporate philosophy of “driving the world forward and realizing the most beautiful life”, we tailor-made more efficient, more energy-saving and smarter engine products for global customers.

As a joint venture of Cummins in China, Xi’an Cummins has also received the most powerful technical support from Cummins in the process of R&D and production. “The performance of an engine is not only a decision of production and manufacturing, from product design to development, from testing to improvement, a good engine needs a series of polishing and improvement to condense its inherent advantages. It can be said that Cummins’ technology is the key to product quality. maximum support.


Xi’an Cummins is committed to building first-class production and manufacturing capabilities that are synchronized with the world, introducing key equipment from ISM’s US production plant, and adopting international advanced technological processes. Xi’an Cummins has formed a partnership with Cummins Jamestown ISM production base in the United States, fully absorbing the advanced experience and manufacturing technology accumulated by the factory for a long time, and laying a solid foundation for the localized production of ISM, the flagship power product in North America, in China.
The Xi’an Cummins plant uses an advanced electric monorail running system assembly line. The engine is mounted on an independent power-driven trolley bracket (popularly called a J-hook according to the shape of the equipment). The assembly line provides multi-faceted production operation and management operation functions and flexible production scale. The assembly line has a mixed-line assembly function with a minimum assembly requirement of 1 unit. In-line quality check validation and error-proofing measures work well on this assembly line.

The advanced engine test bench system can fully test and confirm the product’s mechanical function, stable and authoritative electronic control module function, etc. After the engine is pre-installed on the trolley of the test bench, it is pushed into the test room by the power trolley. This installation procedure ensures the most efficient use of the test bench. All engine performance parameters, including emissions, are checked quickly and accurately. Every engine produced by Xi’an Cummins must undergo a unified and rigorous test, and only those fully qualified products will be delivered to users.
The cleaning and painting lines are automatically controlled to ensure consistent quality while minimizing environmental impact during the cleaning, painting and drying of the engine. The high-speed back-flow air spray booth ensures the quality of spray paint and the quality of the operating environment. Micro positive pressure air conditioning plant to ensure cleanliness.
While introducing international advanced equipment, Xi’an Cummins also pays attention to the training of personnel in relevant positions, and sends technical experts to Europe and the United States for intensive training in batches, so as to build a talent echelon that masters international advanced manufacturing technology.

Product Description

ISM11, an excellent example of world-class heavy-duty engines, is Cummins’ flagship powertrain, mainly used in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with a power coverage of 308-440 horsepower, with a global stock of nearly 500,000 units and a cumulative mileage of more than 300 billion kilometers.
This heavy-duty engine meets China II/Euro II, Europe III/Euro III, and China IV/Euro IV emission standards, with first-class reliability and durability, with an average overhaul mileage of over 1 million kilometers. Among them, the newly developed and successfully launched National IV engine is currently the first Euro IV engine in China that has obtained national environmental protection emission certification, EU certification and Russian certification at the same time, and is the first to obtain a “pass” for exporting to overseas markets.

Cummins ISM series engines are proven and mature products. Its Euro III series has accumulated 10 years of successful application experience in the European and American markets (the EPA98 emission standard implemented in the United States in 1998 is equivalent to Euro III). One of the main supporting models of world-renowned heavy trucks such as Bult, in the Chinese market for Shaanxi Automobile, Hongyan, Foton, Valin, Jinlong, Yutong, Ankai, Jianghuai, Zhongtong and Xugong Energy well-known commercial vehicle and construction machinery manufacturers World-class power excellence.

Cummins ISM series engines have large low-speed torque, good fuel economy, strong power, good controllability and low noise. They can be widely used in heavy trucks, large passenger cars, special vehicles, construction machinery and generator sets. Ideal power for large passenger cars, construction machinery, cranes and special purpose vehicles.
Cummins ISM series engine integrates five key subsystems of Cummins engine, namely intake air treatment system (turbocharging, etc.), combustion optimization system, electronic control system, fuel system, filtration and aftertreatment system; stable, reliable, economical; adopt global The most widely used and mature engine braking system for heavy-duty diesel engines, the ISM engine braking system, can provide up to 326hp of braking power to help you drive smoothly and safely; the intelligent truck management system uses all-weather satellite monitoring Signal, with the help of Cummins’ powerful information management platform and advanced engine electronic control technology, comprehensively monitor the operation of the fleet, greatly improve the management level of the fleet and the comprehensive benefits of the transportation enterprise.

In 2007, ISM series engines won the special vehicle in the “Customer Satisfaction Survey of Heavy Truck Engines/Transmissions” conducted by JDPower, an American authority, by virtue of its excellent performance, economical use, significant comprehensive benefit advantages and complete warranty services. The highest award in “Customer Satisfaction Survey”; and in 2007 and 2008, it was named “Best Engine” in the user satisfaction survey results of China’s logistics industry for two consecutive years.

Xi’an Cummins ISM11 Engine Story

The Cummins ISM series 11-liter fully electronically controlled diesel engine was introduced to the domestic market in the mid-1990s and is one of Cummins’ flagship engines. The localized product was officially launched on the market in Xi’an on August 8, 2007. The target is mainly aimed at the field of medium and high-end heavy-duty engines, and the power range covers 335-440 horsepower. At present, there are more than 400,000 units in the world.

Cuminster’s unique powertrain matching system can relatively accurately recommend different economical operating modes of the engine according to different engine, gearbox, axle and road conditions. Different functions of adapting to performance adjustment have made him a multi-faceted function.

In the field of road tractors, the engine is required to have strong power, outstanding carrying capacity, safety and reliability. The ISM11 engine matched with the Shaanxi Automobile Cummins Double Crown Tractor has been optimized according to the characteristics of modern logistics and transportation. The ISM11 engine has its strong power, powerful intelligent electronic control management function, excellent reliability The high-performance engine braking and excellent eco-friendly performance are a good interpretation of the “Double Champion” of Shaanxi Automobile Cummins, which is hailed as the “Champion of Attendance + Champion of Savings” by the market.

The ISM11 engine is highly integrated with the five key systems of fuel injection, air intake, electronic control, combustion optimization, filtration and after-treatment that Cummins has complete intellectual property rights, which makes this engine far superior to similar products in terms of system compatibility and performance; The installed compression-release engine braking system subverts the traditional concept of engine exhaust braking – turning the engine into an air compressor that absorbs power, and its maximum braking power can reach 326 horsepower; the torque ratio of the ISM11 engine is lower than that of the same horsepower. Similar products are 15-25% higher, and have the characteristics of strong starting ability under heavy load, strong climbing force, outstanding bearing capacity, multi-pull and fast running, and high transportation efficiency; Every bit of fuel is used for maximum energy and maximum benefit for you.

Xi’an Cummins ISM11 Engine Leads Heavy Trucks into the Era of Engine Braking

In winter, the weather conditions are complex and changeable, with frost and snow coming, wind and fog, and the frequency of road traffic accidents rises suddenly. Since October 2010, truck traffic accidents have been reported frequently, with heavy casualties and shocking losses. According to the latest statistics from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, in the analysis of the causes of truck traffic accidents, driving violations are the first, followed by vehicle mechanical failures. Among the mechanical failures of various vehicles, brake failure occupies an absolutely high proportion.

During the transportation of trucks, they are always faced with various severe road conditions: long downhills, sharp turns, narrow mountain roads, and slippery ground. At this time, if the whole vehicle only relies on traditional brake pads for braking, in order to control stability If the driving speed is high, you have to continuously step on the brakes for a long time; the heavy truck itself has a large self-weight, plus the load weight, it is very easy to cause the brake pads to overheat during the braking process, resulting in brake failure or even tire fire, which seriously threatens the driver and surrounding people. life safety.

At present, in order to solve the safety problem of heavy truck braking, engine braking technology is widely used in the world. Its working principle is to accurately prevent the injector from injecting fuel into the cylinder through the electronic control system, and change the power stroke of the piston into a vacuuming process, so that the The engine that normally drives the vehicle forward becomes the air compressor that prevents the vehicle from moving forward. It can effectively control the vehicle speed within a constant range, greatly shorten the braking distance and time, and avoid the wear and overheating of the brake pads caused by the long-term braking.

Among similar products in China, the performance of Xi’an Cummins ISM11 engine braking system is second to none, with mature technology, easy operation, reliable braking, fuel saving and money saving. Widely praised by heavy truck drivers. The ISM11 engine with engine braking system launched by Xi’an Cummins on the Chinese market has experienced more than ten years of experience in the North American market, adapting to various severe working conditions, mature and reliable technology, and perfect performance matching. Proven and mature models. The use of the ISM11 engine braking system is different from the traditional exhaust brake. Its operation is very simple. As long as the switch is turned on when the brake is felt, and the clutch and accelerator are released at the same time, the engine braking system starts to work instantly; step on The lower clutch or accelerator engine braking system stops working instantly, and the reaction time does not exceed 0.1 seconds; after the ISM11 engine braking system is turned on, the engine continues to provide resistance, the braking power is as high as 326 horsepower, and the vehicle speed is reduced from 90 kilometers per hour to 90 kilometers per hour on flat roads. 70 kilometers, which is 9.8 seconds less than the braking time of the same configuration heavy truck without the engine braking system, which can help the driver to effectively control the speed: as fast as you can, you must stop and brake.

In addition to escorting driving safety, the ISM11 engine with braking system can also effectively improve engine economy. When the braking system is working, the engine does not inject fuel, which is especially suitable for use when going down long slopes; it can also avoid stepping on the brakes for a long time. Reduce brake pad wear and significantly extend the brake pad replacement cycle. It weighs only 25 kilograms, which can replace the water irrigation, effectively reducing the weight of the whole vehicle, and pulling more than 1 ton of goods. The engine braking system is maintenance-free for life.

If the round-trip distance is 1000 kilometers, 15% of the journey needs to be braked, and the engine brake is used instead of a 1-ton water tank. The standard fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 45 liters. After one trip, the fuel cost can be saved by 10*15%*45*6.5=438.75 yuan, and 975 kilograms of cargo can be added to increase the income by 0.3*0.975*1000=292.50 yuan. This minus one plus one trip is better than no engine braking. The car saving of the system is 438.75+292.50=731.25 yuan. According to the calculation of one trip every two days, it will save 731.25*13=9506.25 yuan in one month, and 9506.25*12=114075.00 yuan in one year. This is not to mention the cost of adding water to the water tank on the vehicle and the labor caused by it. Time cost, compared to the engine braking system, which is maintenance-free for life.

The Xi’an Cummins ISM11 engine, which saves money and worry, inherits the outstanding advantages of strong power and reliable performance of this engine, and has a mature and reliable engine braking system. Travel and save money.

XCEC Other Engine Products Introduction

Low Fuel Consumption and Good Economy

Xiaoxiang Power is the product brand of Xi’an Cummins National VI. It includes Xi’an Cummins M12, M15 and other series of National VI products. The products mainly focus on the three advantages of high efficiency, intelligence and energy saving. With reliable quality and ultra-low fuel consumption, they have won express delivery and dangerous goods transportation., coal transportation, urban construction slag transportation, engineering dumping, road transportation dumping, trucks and other market segments are recognized and trusted by customers.

The L9 engine is a power product developed by Cummins for the medium and short-distance logistics transportation, port traction, and dump truck transportation markets. It has a lightweight design, high torque, low fuel consumption, and high reliability. It is a pioneering power for aging.

B6.2/D6.7 is a new generation of intelligent classic engine specially developed by Cummins for medium-duty trucks and economical special vehicles. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong power and low fuel consumption. It has established a good reputation among customers for a long time.

D4.0/D4.5 is a newly developed and cost-effective craftsmanship by Cummins. It has the characteristics of light weight and compactness, combustion support and consumption reduction, ultra-low fuel consumption, and ultra-long maintenance period. It is the preferred power for urban freight transportation.

The F2.5/2.8 engine is a new generation of Cummins global intelligent light engine platform products, specially designed for the urban distribution standard transport market, greatly improving engine reliability, fuel economy and driving comfort, serving the urban standard logistics and transportation field.

The ISM11 series engine is the flagship power product developed by Cummins in the United States based on the global market. It is used in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. The B10 has a life span of 2 million kilometers and an overhaul mileage of over 1.6 million kilometers. Reliability and durability, we continue to win the most reliable heavy-duty engine award for Chinese truck drivers in China Truck Network’s “Discovery Trust” event.

ISM11 Series

Displacement: 10.8L
Power: 345-440ps
Cylinder arrangement: in-line 6 cylinders
Intake method: turbocharged air-to-air cooling
Fuel supply form: pump nozzle fuel system
Emissions: China V/Euro V
Application: heavy-duty tractors, dump trucks, trucks, cement mixers, long-distance luxury buses, mining vehicles and other mechanical equipment

QSM Series

——For Construction Machinery

The QSM11-C fully electronically controlled engine is Cummins’ flagship product for off-highway use, with a displacement of 10.8 liters and a power coverage of 250-400 horsepower, enjoying a high reputation in the global construction machinery field. The engine has excellent reliability, durability, fuel economy and safety, etc., and is widely used in rotary drilling rigs, truck cranes/crawlers, mining vehicles, oil field equipment, port reach stackers, wheel loaders, rail cars and other fields of construction machinery.

——For Generator Sets

The QSM11-G fully electronically controlled engine control system does not need to be equipped with the electronic fuel control governor (including speed sensor, governor control device, actuator and other installation parts) required by the mechanical generator set, which greatly simplifies the matching requirements. The most commonly used generator set controllers in China are perfectly combined, with five core engine technologies (filter system, fuel system, electronic control system, turbocharging system, combustion optimization system), helping generator set products to achieve economical and dynamic performance and the perfect combination of emission performance.

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