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Cummins Expo Tour: Technology Exchange Creates the Future

Nov 26, 2021 | China News | 0 comments

At the 4th China International Import Expo, DCEC Cummins signed a series of cooperation agreements with a number of leading companies to discuss the sustainable development of the industry.

As the world’s first import-themed national-level exhibition, after three consecutive years of successful holding, the 4th China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai as scheduled. After several years, the CIIE has become a bridge connecting China and the world, and a platform for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation. As a global multi-power solution provider, DCEC Cummins participated in this event and signed a series of cooperation agreements with a number of leading companies to discuss the sustainable development of the industry.

On November 6, DCEC Cummins signed a 2022-2023 framework procurement contract with North China. DCEC Cummins will continue to provide power support for its open-pit mining equipment with excellent mining power solutions.

As one of the closest partners of North China, Cummins has been hand in hand with North China for 33 years. Nowadays, the full line of Northern Mining trucks equipped with Cummins engines have been used in more than 65 countries and regions around the world. With the help of Cummins, in 2020, the mining equipment produced by Northern Shares will be exported to the high-end European mining market in batches for the first time.

On November 8, Cummins attended the “Tenth China International Petroleum Trade Conference”. Dr. Ji Guangji, Chief Engineer of Cummins New Energy Power Division China, published on behalf of the company on “PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Electrolyzed Water Hydrogen Technology and Application Path” Keynote speech.

He studied the economic feasibility basis of hydrogen production from water electrolysis in the context of carbon neutrality, the characteristics and development trend of PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production technology, and the application paths of PEM electrolysis water hydrogen production on the power supply side, the grid side and the user side. They shared their opinions and proposed that the design of high-efficiency, long-life and renewable energy-oriented hydrogen-electric coupling system will become the

technical direction of PEM electrolyzed water hydrogen production in the future, and discussed with the guests the use of PEM technology in green hydrogen production and on-site hydrogen production. Application prospects in various scenarios such as hydrogen, energy storage and distributed power generation, industrial and fuel decarbonization.

In the journey of China’s automobile industry, construction machinery industry, and large-scale equipment manufacturing companies to the world, Cummins provides products, parts and after-sales services to customers around the world with a network covering more than 190 countries and regions and more than 7,500 dealer outlets.


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