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How is Gold Craftsman trained?

Dec 9, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Come From Caterpillar Craftsman

“Every one of us is a craftsman as long as we have a desire to do a good job purely for the sake of getting things done,” says Richard Sannett, a famous American sociologist in his new book, The Craftsman. “Craftsmen” represent the temperament of an era. They have a spirit, that is, integrating the concept of adherence into products.
In Caterpillar, there is such a “craftsman” who has been engaged in manufacturing for more than 20 years. He needs to assemble more than 400 parts every day, and can diagnose “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” for 50 devices every year. He is Li Fubin, the leader of the assembly team of the final assembly workshop of Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd.
Since joining Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. in 1997, Li Fubin has worked in finishing, transmission, loader assembly and other workshop positions, and has been sticking to the manufacturing line for 25 years. “Gold Craftsman”, “Assembly Fitter Competition first prize”….. Behind these illustrious honors, Li Fu Bin has been dedicated to his work for decades.

“Golden Craftsman” is made like this

Li Fubin said that winning the honorary title of “Gold Craftsman” is inseparable from his 11 years of work experience in the finishing workshop. In the finishing workshop, the requirements for product quality are stricter, which greatly hones his technology and lays a solid technical foundation for his future development.
Success is often not achieved overnight, but in the accumulation of months. During his 25 years in Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., LTD., Li Fubin has always maintained his original aspiration and instilled the spirit of conscientious and practical doer into his day-to-day work. In the accumulation of time, forge a craftsman art.

Dare to try and explore

In the front line of manufacturing, we often encounter various problems, and the most direct way to solve the problem is to dare to try, to continue to learn and grow through exploration and experimentation, and to enrich experience.
Once, when a new bulldozer product just rolled off the production line, the final drive floating oil seal suddenly leaked oil. In order to overcome this problem, Li Fubin’s team and a number of domestic and foreign experts studied together for 3 to 4 working days, repeatedly drawing and replacing The workpiece, researched and tested again and again, finally successfully overcome the problem, making the product leave the factory as scheduled.
Now, the “National Fourth” product switch is imminent! Li Fubin said that the new products of “National IV” are quite different from those of “National III”. They not only need to be adjusted in the engine, gearbox, oil pipeline and other aspects, but also have greater difficulty in assembly and workload, which is a great challenge for the team.
In the face of new challenges, Li Fubin’s team has risen to the challenge by repeatedly experimenting and adjusting based on experience, drawings and processes. “The products are constantly updating, and we also need to keep learning and making progress. It is never too late to work and learn!

Based on the position to create a wonderful

As the leader of the assembly line, Li Fubin is not only responsible for completing the daily work and ensuring the smooth completion of the production plan, but also responsible for communicating with other support personnel and coordinating the handling of daily emergencies. Yu Ji, Li Fubin focuses on his own work and has high standards for himself; As a front-line manager, Li Fubin treats his team members like his family and is their “big brother”.
For team management, Li Fubin has his own experience. He believes that any technology can only be learned well if it is studied deeply in a certain area, rather than dabbling in every task, so that nothing can be learned well. Therefore, Li Fubin advised the team members to devote themselves to the research of their work content, work deep, do fine; In addition, he also advocated that people participate in knowledge competition, safety competition and other activities, so as to test their own abilities and improve their personal business level.
In 25 years, Li Fubin has grown from a worker in a manufacturing workshop to a front-line manager in charge of more than a dozen team members, which is inseparable from his years of accumulation and skills, and more importantly, his down-to-earth and humble working attitude. In the details, cast extraordinary wonderful.

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