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Jul 1, 2021 | Technical Articles | 0 comments

LNG advantage

Natural gas is high quality, efficient, clean energy, liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be like oil safe and convenient storage and transportation, the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology, improved the natural gas in the global competitive.As “environmentally friendly” energy, natural gas, the status of the rising, the market prospect is very broad.At present, the major big cities such as shenzhen, Shanghai automobile exhaust has replaced the industrial waste gas, become the primary pollution source of urban air pollution.After using natural gas as fuel, will drastically improve the environmental pollution of the city.LNG vehicles, for example, LNG vehicles with low emissions, low noise and vibration.LNG engine emissions of nitrogen oxides was only 25% of the diesel engine emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon oxides were only 30% and 12% of the diesel engine, the emissions of particulate matter is almost zero, and sound power of LNG engine only 36% of the diesel engine;Use of LNG vehicle fuel, the tail gas of nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide content decrease by 98% and 30% than using fuel oil fuel, more environmentally friendly.

The main purpose of LNG

LNG as a clean fuel, will become one of the main energy of the new century. Summarize its use, including:

(1) gas distribution network is used as peak load and peaking accident

(2) is used as the main cities of pipeline gas supply source

(3) is used as a cell vaporized LNG gas source

(4) as a fuel car with gas

(5) for use as aircraft fuel

(6) the use of cold energy of LNG

(7) distributed energy system

LNG, CNG, ANG, NGH comparative analysis

In addition to transport liquefied natural gas to LNG there are other technical means. Some people have the idea of compressed natural gas (CNG) boat, it is about the natural gas compressed to about 200 atmospheres of pressure vessel used to store the boat load. CNG without liquefaction, liquefaction process energy can be saved; but the compression power consumption is also great, but since the major pressure vessel, and thus lower unit volume weight relative to CNG shipping LNG shipping is currently very competitive hard to say. In addition, CNG for natural gas pipeline network of sources and a strong dependence on the place away from the gas source is more difficult to use CNG. Gas adsorption (ANG) and gas hydrate (NGH) mode of transport can avoid a lot of energy, although the cryogenic technology, but also the weight of the sorbent itself, also accounted body aircraft in addition has not yet solved the problem of incomplete desorption . NGH present in each m3 of water may be hydrated nearly 20Om3 gas. But lm, one ton of water weight, but the weight of 200m3 of gas was more than 100 kg. So NGH shipping water nearly 10 times heavier than natural gas, reasonable and technically mature economic needs further discussion, temporary or difficult to replace LNG transportation.

LNG vehicles is particularly suitable for long-distance inter-city passenger transport. CNG gas supply natural gas pipeline network and strong dependence on the place away from the gas source is more difficult to use CNG. Usually available 20 ~ 50m3 automotive LNG tanker will be shipped to stations without gas supply and pipeline constraints. Economic development spawned a large number of passenger and freight transport, but also need clean energy and environmental protection, this area is difficult to implement CNG, and LNG vehicles is particularly suitable for long-distance inter-city passenger transport. Therefore, LNG industry development in this area has a more broad prospects, the development of long-distance passenger transport, heavy truck transport will have an impact far-reaching.

LNG filling station occupies less land, less investment. LNG filling station has obvious advantages over CNG filling stations. LNG filling station, small footprint, does not require the laying of pipelines, without large compressor housing, energy stations smaller than CNG, bicycle filling time is short. LNG filling station construction costs lower than CNG filling stations, day sale 1 × 104m3 of CNG filling stations need to invest 700 to 900 million, the sale date (3 ~ 4) LNG filling station is about 300 × 104m3 investment to 400 million. LNG filling station with a small investment, environmental protection and security features.


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