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Industrial Engine

ConeMac industrial engines are used in various engineering fields, and the cooperative brands of engineering engines include Cummins, Deutz, Caterpillar, Perkins, CAMCE, etc. In the field of professional technology, ConeMac is only to provide better engines, equipped with different power ranges, high performance, high efficiency, to meet the power needs of different operations, and to provide stability in agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, railways, mining, oil and gas, etc. Continuous power output.

Advantages of Industrial Engine

1. Industrial engine, with high speed, wide torque output range, high speed, high efficiency fuel system performance.
2. The structure is simple, the parts are few, the volume is small, and the maintenance and installation are convenient.
3. Customers choose a variety of industrial machinery to meet different categories, product upgrades are highly versatile, and the user interface is basically unchanged.
4. Good power performance, stable operation, stable and continuous power output.
5. Strong power, reliable safety, low speed and high torque, fast transient acceleration response, strong engine explosive force, standard in-cylinder braking technology, improve work safety, meet the needs of various working conditions, and come with intelligent fuel-saving management system, the comprehensive fuel saving rate can reach 10%.

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